Active (citizen)

ACTIVE (CITIZEN) Serbia I Serbien I Serbia 2019, 29’
Screening (Online) from:  Monday, 23/11/2020 | whole day
Q&A (Online) from:  Monday, 23/11/2020 | 19:30


Piotr Goldstein, Jan Lorenz, 30′, Serbia 2019

Original version with English subtitles

ACTIVE (CITIZEN) deals with the life and work of a Roma refugee from Kosovo who collects garbage on the streets of Novi Sad, Serbia. The film is a visual ethnography that focuses on the material, sensorial and kinaesthetic realities of the protagonist’s work and its political and social significance – daily activism beyond public perception.

Active (citizen) – trailer from Piotr Goldstein on Vimeo.

ACTIVE (CITIZEN) is part of a larger visual project about the `invisible activism‘ of ethnic minorities and migrants who are engaged in issues that go beyond the interests relevant to their own community. Such activism is invisible because, on the one hand, it takes place beyond media and scientific representation and, on the other hand, because it can take forms that seem insignificant compared to the activism of those who can afford more elaborate forms of activism. The film approaches the question of the affordability of social engagement as conceived by academics and activists of the middle class.

Piotr Goldstein, Jan Lorenz

Piotr Goldstein, Jan Lorenz

Piotr Goldstein, Jan Lorenz

Piotr Goldstein, Jan Lorenz

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