Chacho 19 Min. Vitalii Havura, Ukraine 2020
Screening (Online) from:  Sunday, 22/11/2020 | 20:00
Q&A (Online) from:  Sunday, 22/11/2020 | 21:00


Vitalii Havura, 20′, Ukraine 2020

Original version with English subtitles

Yanush is a young Roma man from a family that has a good standing in the community. He is about to get married to Zlata, a Romani girl whom he barely knows. After both of them take vows in a traditional Romani way, Yanush’s parents present the newlyweds with a car.

CHACHO film trailer / Трейлер до ігрового фільму ЧАЧЬО from Vitalii Havura on Vimeo.

Just what Yanush has always dreamed of. He is in the seventh heaven and it seems that nothing could go wrong. However, while most of the guests are dancing, Yanush sneaks out. He runs through a tunnel into a forest, where he meets another young man, Pasha. Pasha is Yanush’s lover and it turns out that both were planning an escape. Yanush tells Pasha that he cannot run away with him because his family will be dishonored if anyone learns that he is gay. Pasha exposes Yanush’s cowardice and leaves. Yanush goes back through the tunnel where he is struck with a panic attack. Having pulled himself together he returns to the wedding. Which path will he choose in the end?

Vitalii Havura

Vitalii Havura

Alex Mazurik

Illa Popel

Maryana Buryma

Viktor Krysko

Production designer
Raisa Idrisova

Costume designer
Yana Poltoretskaya

Make-up artist
Ksenia Galchenko

Petro Rusanienko, Alina Zievakova, Yegor Kuryshchenko, Ksenia Diachenko, Oleksandr Bondaruk

First assistant director
Polina Horobets

Yevheniia Vidishcheva

The film was made with the financial support from
International Renaissance Foundation, Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine


Film team:
  • Vitalii HavuraVitalii Havura
    Vitalii Havura graduated from Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. Havura’s key authored and directed works include among others the short fiction films CHACHO (FIPRESCI Prize at Odessa International Film Festival, 2020), ESCAPE (‘Hromadsky proektor’ festival award, 2019), THE FAIRYTALE (‘Kinohvylia’ festival award, 2018) and a short documentary film MY GOD ...

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