Letter of Forgiveness, Romania, 2020, 15

Letter of Forgiveness

Screening (Online) from: Sunday, 22/11/2020 | 20:00
Q&A (Online) from: Sunday, 22/11/2020 | 21:00


Alina Serban, 15′, Romania  2020

Original version with English subtitles

In the household of a wealthy Romanian noblewoman in 1855, Maria, a Roma-Gypsy slave, fights to obtain freedom for her son Dinca. Based on a true story of a Roma mother and son whose life changed the course of Romanian history by bringing about the abolition of slavery sooner.

Part of a future full-length project, the short film presents a day in the household in which Maria and her son, Dinca, serve as slaves. As important guests arrive for dinner and all the slaves are making preparations, Maria and her son see this day as a chance to take a step to change their fate. During slavery time, up until 1856, the Romanian equivalent of the word “forgiveness” was used when referring to freeing someone from slavery (the Roma slave was “forgiven” from slavery).


Alina Şerban

Alina Şerban

Julia Kacalak

Roxana Szel, Iulia Andriuta

Alexandru Dragomir, Florian Stoica, Iolanda Girleanu

Vlaicu Golcea

Production disigner
Cezara Armasu

Costume designer
Ana Ioneci

Make-up artist
Oana Paraschiv, Cristina Temelie

Alina Şerban, Ionut Habet, Oana Stefanescu, Emil Mandanac, Ioana Barbu, Bogdan Stamatin

Catalin Dobre, Denisa Balint


  • Alina Şerban
  • Alina Şerban
  • Alina Şerban is an award-winning actress, playwright and director. Born in 1987, Şerban grew up in Bucharest, Romania. Overcoming tremendous obstacles, including poverty and discrimination, she became the first member of her Roma family to graduate from high school and university. After acquiring a drama degree in Bucharest at the Academy of Theatrical Arts and ...

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