Lety, Czech Republik, 2019, 60’


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Viola Tokárová, František Bikár, Renata Berkyová, 60′, Czech Republik 2019

Original version with English subtitles

In 2018, the Czech state bought from AGPI a large-capacity pig farm located in Lety u Písku on the site where a concentration camp for Roma was established during the second world war, it served as a transfer station before transport to Auschwitz. It was bought for almost 373 million Czech koruna.

The amount for the buy out still arouses emotions, as well as the topic of Czech society’s relationship with the Roma. The documentary depicts the moments of more than twenty years of efforts of many organizations and individuals to relocate the Lety pig farm. It introduces the public to the hitherto unknown facts of the struggle and its main actors. Through the story of the Roma activist Čeňek Růžička, the movie describes the feelings of the bereaved, who even today have to endure the reluctance of the country’s inhabitants and political leaders to remove the stinking pig farm from the place where their ancestors died. He thus became a symbol of the Czech inability to come to terms with it’s own guilt in the Roma genocide.


Viola Tokárová, František Bikár, Renata Berkyová

Viola Tokárová, František Bikár, Renata Berkyová

Čeňek Růžička, Fédor Gal, Markus Pape, Vladimír Mlynář, Adolf Vondrašek



  • Renata Berkyová
  • Renata Berkyová
  • Renata Berkyová studied Romani Studies at Charles University in Prague. She works at the Institute for Contemporary History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. In 2014, she made a short documentary ROMA IN THE SHADOW reflecting the existence of the pig farm in Lety u Písku.
  • František Bikár
  • František Bikár
  • František Bikár is coordinator and creative director of the first Roma Internet television in the Czech Republic ROMEA TV. One of the projects he has developed in association with others is the MEMORY OF THE ROMA series. He filmed a total of 50 Roma who were eyewitnesses of historical moments that influenced the entire Romani ...
  • Viola Tokárová
  • Viola Tokárová
  • Viola Tokárová studied directing at the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. One of the biggest projects was the shooting of the hour-long film BORDEL Z KAPSY (TRASH OUT OF POCKET), which is a musical film with almost no words.

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