Lindy. The Return of Little Light

Screening (Online) from: Thursday, 19/11/2020 | 18:00
Q&A (Online) from: Thursday, 19/11/2020 | 19:40


Ida Persson Lännerberg, 72′,  Sweden 2019

Original version with English subtitles

Lindy Larsson grew up in a small paper mill town in southern Sweden. He’s never been ac-cepted for who he is as he’s always been different. As a little boy, he was thin, girly-like andwithout friends. He’d escape into a fantasy world becoming the super hero character he created ‘Little Light’, a boy who could radiate light.
Lindy and his family are Romani Travellers, a minority who have lived in Sweden since the 16th century. Romani Travellers are still to this day discriminated against by the Swedish society, experiencing abuse and structural racism.

Lindy the Return of Little Light – official trailer from Chinema Film Sweden on Vimeo.

Lindy says in the film:  “You’re not worthy of becoming a parent. You’ll pollute the Swedish people. That’s what my family was told, some of them. No wonder you’re afraid to tell who you are or ashamed of who you are or try to keep it a secret.” To protect his family and the people he loves, Lindy has decided to never talk about his background.

Today Lindy Larsson is an acclaimed performing artist on the verge of an international breakthrough. The film captures him, not only in the search for his own identity, but also while he’s taking his first steps into the international arena. When the Maxim Gorki Theatre in Berlin wants him to tell his own story on stage, he hesitates – can he do it without hurting the people he loves? 30 years after Little Light, Lindy is compelled to reveal his true identity on stage and be-comes a Romani Traveller activist. Almost in the same way he came out as being gay more than 20 years ago. Ida Persson Lännerberg’s debut film follows Lindy during this evolving period in his life in a film about identity, shame and about finding the courage to stand up for oneself.
The film is produced by Chinema Film Sweden by producer China Åhlander (‚Eat Sleep Die‘, ‚My Aunt in Sarajevo‘).


Ida Persson Lännerberg

Bill Watts, Niklas Forshell

Katinka Bröms, China Åhlander

Color grading
Gosia Gryb

DI Supervisor
Maciej Sankowski

DI Producer
Wojtek Janio

Martin Hennel, Claus Lynge

Julia Kent

Lindy Larsson

China Åhlander

Produced by Chinema Film Sweden
In co-production with Sveriges Television and Film I Skåne and support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee


  • Ida Persson Lännerberg
  • Ida Persson Lännerberg
  • Ida Persson Lännerberg is a filmmaker and journalist who, over the past fifteen years, has been telling stories about “the others”, about mechanisms of exclusion and othering. She has directed numerous television programs on these topics and initiated, for example, a media project with migrant children in the suburbs of Malmö on topics such as ...

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