Soroca’s Bolishoi Theatre

Soroca's Bolishoi Theatre, Moldova, 2018, 51’
Screening (Online) from: Sunday, 22/11/2020 | 16:00


Eugeniu Popovici, 51′,  Moldova 2018

Original version with English subtitles

Nicolae is a 9-year-old boy. He is a student at the Russian language school in Soroca, a small town in the north of Moldova. He likes going to school very much. He is looking forward to the last day of school to find out if he will be in the third grade.

He knows all the streets of Soroca, because together with his brother Gena they walk around all day. The city is known for its medieval fortress, the oldest in the country, but also for the Roma community that lives in a neighbourhood on a hill in Soroca. The Roma who live here have built extraordinary houses, some of which are replicas of famous buildings from all over the world, such as the Bolshoi Theatre.


Eugeniu Popovici

Mircea Surdu


Film team:
  • Eugeniu PopoviciEugeniu Popovici
    Eugeniu Popovici graduated from the Moldova State University in Journalism in 2011. Since 2010 he has been working for the national television and has realized television programs on the subject of culture (SOUNDCHECK, THE STORY OF GENERATIONS, A QUARTER OF A TALK). During this time he also worked on several documentaries (THE KINGDOM OF LONELINESS, ...

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