On Being Included: Networking & Think Tank für Filmfestivals

Date: 21 / 11 / 2020 | 10:30 – 15:30 Uhr
Place: Online-Event
Free entrance
Registration required: canan.turan@roma-filmfestival.com
In English language

Numerous film festivals in Germany have a political, activist or identity-related focus. In the last few years, they have become more, especially in the areas of anti-racism, anti-colonialism, gender, feminism and LGBTIQ+.

What are the philosophy, strategy and goals of these festivals? What kind of challenges do they face year after year? What visions do they have for the future? This online workshop offers the opportunity for a think tank with festival organizers on these and other questions as well as for networking and mutual support. The AKE DIKHEA? Romani Film Festivalwill be present not only as organizer, but also as participant.The workshop is limited to 16 festival organizers. Registration open until 15th of November 2020.


Workshop facilitator: Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani
Consultant: Gaby Babić
Short biographies:
  • Gaby Babić
  • Gaby Babić
  • Gaby Babić was born 1976 in Frankfurt am Main as child of a family of guest workers from the former Yugoslavia. She has a degree in theatre, film and media studies, German studies and political science. After working as a programme coordinator at Goethe-Institut Sarajevo, among other things, she has been working as a freelance ...
  • Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani
  • Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani
  • Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani is a presenter, critical educator, activist, lecturer, ex-social worker and musician. Main areas of work: Racism and anti-discrimination, queer feminism, empowerment and diversity in film and culture. Nastaran’s main focus is on social justice and equality in terms of gender/class/race (and much more). The methods and formats aim to implement and promote greater ...

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