Doc Project Lab

Mentoring Workshop
Date: 21 / 11 / 2020 | 16:00 – 18:00
Place: Online-Event
Free entrance
Industry event
Only for selected documentary projects
In English language

Three documentary film projects that tell a story about protagonists from the Sinti* and Roma* community. Three experienced mentorsfrom Germany from the fields of film festivals, television and production. A 30 minute time slot per film team to present their project, get feedback and ask questions to the experts —on topics such as story, trailer, pitch, financing, marketing, post-production, legal, film festivals or distribution. Our open call was from 1st to 30th September 2020 and was open to filmmakers from all over Europe with documentary projects in all stages of production that take a critical look at the representation of Sinti* and Roma* or other marginalized groups.


Andrea Kuhn
Festival Director, Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival, Nürnberg
Miriam Carbe
TV editor, ZDF/Arte “Arte Aktuelles”
Alex Tondowski
Producer, Tondowski Films
Special guest:
Lisa Smith
Filmmaker, Journalist, Jury member AKE DIKHEA? 2020


Selected Documentary Projects:


Carmen: No Fear of Freedom


In”Las 600″ neighbourhood in the South of Spain, Carmen leads the first association of feminist Roma women in the country. Despite all the obstacles they face, these women are willing to do anything to get a place in society.


Director: Irene Baqué
Producer: Carlota Coloma
Production Company: 15L Films & Service
Country of Production: Spain


Irene Baqué is a filmmaker based in London and Barcelona, interested in stories about identity, social issues, gender and women’s rights. She has worked in several countries, bringing local stories to an international audience with a cinematic approach. She is aregular contributor to The Guardian making documentaries over the past six years. In 2018 Sheffield Doc Festival made a screening of her retrospective; selected in SIMAAWARDS (2018) for “Filipino women smashing the catholic taboos”; winner at One World Media Awards (2015) for “I had a miscarriage”; and winning “Editorial Campaign of the year” in British Media Awards (2015).



Carlota Coloma is producer and co-founder of 15L Films from Barcelona. Among her productions are “The Settlement”, by Alex Sardà, in coproduction with Aljazeera, shot in Jordan, granted by CSIC and JFF, selected at Pitching Docs in Thessaloniki 2019, Medimed 2019, Karama Human Rights Film Festival 2019 and San Sebastian Film Festival 2020; “Casa Bloc” by Albert Badia and Patricia Tamayo, in coproductionwith TV3 and Mediapro; “The travel agent” by Niccolò Bruna in co-production with Progetto Cataclisma (Italy) shot in Cuba, (2017 MiradasDoc – Best National Documentary; 2015 Milano International Documentary Festival), and selected in several international festivals.



UN Leads On


Roma families and especially their children were exposed to lead poisoning in UN camps for internally displaced persons after the 1998/99 war in Kosovo. After more than two decades, they are still waiting for the UN to apologize.


Director & Producer: Aleksandar Reljic
Co-author & Co-producer: Božidar Stojkov
Production Company: Core Dox
Country of Production: Serbia


Aleksandar Reljic is an awarded filmmaker, journalist and an independent producer running a production company „Core Dox“ from Novi Sad, Serbia. As a documentary filmmaker he is dealing with issues of xenophobia, racism, nationalism, war crimes and human rights. He directed and produced a dozen of documentaries and the most awarded is a documentary film called “Enkel”.


Božidar Stojkov is an awarded journalist at the Roma Department of the Serbian Public Broadcasting Service “Radio Television of Vojvodina” dealing with issues of Roma rights and life in Serbia. Stojkov is also vice president of the Council for Roma Integration, a public institution in the Serbian Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.





Vivien will be Adult


Vivien, a 20-year-old blind Roma girl from a small village in Hungary was followed by Eszter Hajdu and her film crew for 20 years. Vivien is an adult now and has to make her own decisions in a country which is led by the most extreme-right government in Europe.

Director: Eszter Hajdú
Producer: Sandor Mester
Production Company: Miradouro Media
Country of Production: Portugal


Eszter Hajdú was born in Budapest in 1979, and currently she lives and works in Portugal, Lisbon. She is an award-winning documentary director making films about social and human rights issues for 15 years. Her latest two films, “Judgment in Hungary” (2013) and “Hungary2018” (2018), were screened in 50 different festivals and broadcast in 12 countries and won 21 international awards. Through her films, Eszter is fighting against discrimination, racism and for democratic values and openness. Eszter is a sociologist and journalist by education. She regularly gives lectures at universities all over Europe.


Sandor Mester is a documentary film producer, production manager and composer. He has been making films with Eszter Hajdu since 2007, mostly about social-politicalissues, human rights, transparency and democracy. Sandor is also a professional in outreach impact campaign management as well as in organizing festival tours for films. He is running film productions companies in Hungary and Portugal.





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