The Great Raid, Spain, 2020, 15’

The Great Raid

Screening (Online) from: Friday, 20/11/2020 | 20:00
Q&A (Online) from: Friday, 20/11/2020 | 21:30


Seo Cizmich, 15′, Spain 2020

Original version with English subtitles

The short film deals with the events of the 30th July 1749, which have become known as “the great raid” and which stand for the detention and expulsion of the Roma by the Spanish authorities. The film uses the means of music, especially Martinete with her repetitive sound, to show the feelings of powerlessness and injustice.


Seo Cizmich

Seo Cizmich, David Cortes

Guillermo Guisá, Seo Cizmich

Seo Cizmich, Matteo Micatovich, Sergio Lucas

Sergio Lucas

Celia Montoya, Alba Ibañez, Teresa Fernández, David Muñoz, Ricardo Valentí Carbonell, Rafaela Fernández, Manola Fernández, Joaquin “El duende”

Maria Rubia


Film team:
  • Seo Cizmich
  • Seo Cizmich
  • Seo Cizmich grew up in Genoa (Italy) in a large Roma family where the language was mainly Romano. He is committed to the fight against antiziganism, the recovery of historical memory and the defence of the Roma language*. He works to make the history of the Roma known through audiovisual documents. He is co-founder of ...

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