TCHA (The Belgian Master of Hungarian Nóta), Hungary, 2019, 52’


Screening (Online) from: Thursday, 19/11/2020 | 20:00
Q&A (Online) from: Thursday, 19/11/2020 | 21:30


Ádám Miklós, 52′, Hungary 2019

Original version with English subtitles

On the stage there is a violin virtuoso confidently playing Hungarian Nóta while seven other musicians are accompanying him on various kinds of instruments. The audience breaks into an enormous applause. Tcha Limberger, however, cannot see any of it as he has been blind since birth. Nevertheless, the Belgian musician is an expert on the Hungarian Nóta.


Ádám Miklós

Ádám Miklós

Ádám Miklós

Post production
Erika Köcsky

Gábor Császár

Adrián Száki, Gábor Ferenczy, András Muhi, Yvonne Bauer

supported by
the Hungarian Media Council “Hungarian Media Sponsorship” program


Film team:
  • Ádám Miklós
  • Ádám Miklós
  • Ádám Miklós is a Hungarian filmmaker who holds an MA in Film Studies from the University of St Andrews. His work includes the documentaries DAUGHTERS OF DOLMA (2013) and THE LEGACY OF MENLA (2016).

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