Prodana, Serbia 2019, 19’


Screening (Online) from: Sunday, 22/11/2020 | 20:00
Q&A (Online) from: Sunday, 22/11/2020 | 21:00


Aleksandra Nestorov, 19′, Serbia 2019

Original version with English subtitles

Four older Roma women relive their experiences of survival or evaded forced marriage, obstacles they have encountered because they’re Romnja – in education and employment, as well as their attempts to maintain their integrity and confront oppression.

Prodana trailer from Aleksandra Nestorov on Vimeo.


Aleksandra Nestorov

Aleksandra Nestorov

Nada Kostic

Nada Kostic

Dora Filipovic

Prodana Brkic, Djulijana Zdravkovic, Gospava Vasic, Ivanka Mitrovic

Slavica Vasic – NGO Roma Women’s Center “BIBIJA”


Film team:
  • Aleksandra Nestorov
  • Aleksandra Nestorov
  • Aleksandra Nestorov graduated from the Faculty of Media and Communication, Digital Arts Program, majoring in Film/Video. Her short documentary movie PRODANA was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information, while her short feature graduating movie JACKET was supported by the Film Center of Serbia. Both movies have been and will be screened at film ...

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