Memories of Appleby Fair

Screening (Online) from: Monday, 23/11/2020 | whole day
Q&A (Online) from: Monday, 23/11/2020 | 19:30


Julie Colman, 6′, UK 2020

Original English version

For only the second time in it’s history Appleby Fair in Cumbria, England, the biggest Traveller Fair in Europe, was cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. This short film collects memories from fair goers young and old, together with images and a ballad by Irish Traveller Folk Singer and Writer Thomas McCarthy, to keep the memory alive until next year.


Julie Colman

Dave Jones

Damian Le Bas, Billy Welch, Josie O’Driscoll, Davie Donaldson, Candis Le Bas, Sherrie Smith, Scarlett Smith, Lisa Smith, Johnson Welch, Jon Lee, Rachel Welch, John Welch

Production Assistent
Lisa Smith

Julie Colman


Film team:
  • Julie Colman
  • Julie Colman
  • Julie Colman is a Producer and Project Manager for Rural Media. She has worked on the Travellers Times project for 8 years and is passionate about telling powerful stories in creative ways.
  • Lisa Smith
  • Lisa Smith
  • Lisa Smith is chair of ACERT (The Advisory Council for the Education of Romani & other Travellers) and currently Youth Editor at Travellers’ Times a national magazine for Gypsy, Roma and Travellers supporting young people through journalism, media and training programmes. Lisa is also a Creative Producer and has worked on a number of drama ...

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