Andrea Kuhn, Mentorin Doc Project Lab

Andrea Kuhn

Andrea Kuhn has directed the International Nuremberg Film Festival of Human Rights since 2007. She is a trained film scholar and taught film studies at the University of Erlangen for eight years. In 2008-2010 she was chairperson of the Human Rights Film Network, an association of 42 film festivals dealing with human rights worldwide. Since 2014 she has been chairperson of the Association of Bavarian Film Festivals. Andrea Kuhn is a member of the European Film Academy, a member of the board of trustees of the medico international foundation and a member of Dox Box e.V., which supports documentary filmmakers in the Arab world. She is an associate member of the ANHAR Network, an association of 9 film festivals from the Arab world working on the topic of human rights, and one of the initiators* of the initiative “Festivalarbeit gerecht gestalten” (Fairly shaping festival work), which fights for better working conditions at film festivals under the umbrella of ver.di.

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