Contemporary Past – AKE DIKHEA? 2020 School Screening

Contemporary Past
Kamil Majchrzak, 60′, Germany 2019
Datum: 19 & 20 / 11 / 2020 | 10:00 – 12:00

Every year the Festival of Romani Film AKE DIKHEA? offers screenings to Berlin schools, combined with discussions between pupils and film-makers, the festival team, contemporary witnesses and experts. This offer should not be missing in the fourth edition either: The pupils cannot go to the cinema, but the cinema can come to the school! And if need be, the festival can even go to the pupils’ homes – our educational programme is not limited to any challenge.


The documentary essay “Contemporary Past” accompanies high school students from Romania, Poland and Germany on their journey to the former concentration camp Buchenwald, where they explore the history of the genocide of Romani people. What do they know about the centuries of discrimination against Romani people in their home countries? What place do minorities have in national cultures of remembrance and commemoration?


Kamil Majchrzak

Tomasz Pawlik

Michal Pawlik

Kamil Majchrzak

Miroslav Rác

Funambules Film Production (Berlin) & filMMate (Wrocław)


  • Kamil MajchrzakKamil Majchrzak
    Kamil Majchrzak is a filmmaker and human rights lawyer, has been involved as an assistant director, producer, translator and director in many films about the Holocaust and the culture of remembrance. He was honoured with the Mordechai Anielewicz Medal for his struggle for the payment of ghetto pensions to Polish Jews and Roma.

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