Screening (Online) from: Saturday, 21/11/2020 | 18:00
Q&A (Online) from: Saturday, 21/11/2020 | 19:40


Shaun Williams, 85′, Ukraine 2018

Original version with English subtitles

This ethnographic film examines issues of place, identity, and traditionality among wedding musicians in the borderlands of Transcarpathia, Ukraine. The film follows the Manyo Family Band from the small town of Tiachiv as they embark on their annual tour of Hungary, and explores these musicians’ complex relationships with their own Ruthenian-Romani identities as they struggle to make a living within a post-socialist “world music” context. Along the way, we meet other musicians whose stories shed light on the experiences of Romani musicians under communism and post-Soviet transition.



Shaun Williams

Shaun Williams

Yosyp Cherniavets, Yuriy Cherniavets, Ivan Popovych, Kateryna Popovych, Yulia Murzha, Vasyl Hudak, Irenke Murzsa, Oszkar Kobza, Ion Șiman, Vasyl “Makanaki” Smereka, Zita Smereka, Imre Keszthelyi

Shaun Williams


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