Unerhört jenisch (The Unheard of Jenish)

Screening (Online) from: Friday, 20/11/2020 | 18:00
Q&A (Online) from: Friday, 20/11/2020 | 19:40

Karoline Arn, Martina Rieder, 93′, Switzerland 2019

Original version with English subtitles

He plays with the cliché picture. He senses his roots: Stephan Eicher. The path leads into the Grisons mountains, to the once immigrant families and their legendary dance music. In these Jenish families lives an unknown musical tradition; it shapes Swiss folk music, seeks the blues, shines as a chanson or rebels in punk. But UNERHÖRT JENISCH (the unheard of Jenish) also tells a story of discrimination and persecution, which kept the musicians silent. A film about the secret of the special sound.


Karoline Arn, Martina Rieder

Karoline Arn, Martina Rieder

Martina Rieder, Tom Bernhard, Gabriel Sandru, Philippe Schnyder, Carlotta Holy, Valentin Bärlocher, Severin Bärenbold, Roland Luder (Drone flight)

Karoline Arn, Jan Illing, Balthasar Jucker, Reto Stamm

Anja Bombelli

Stephan Eicher, Reyn Ouwehand, Patrick Waser

Stephan Eicher, Patrick Waser, Martin Waser, Othmar Kümin, Erich Eicher, Ottilia Waser-Kollegger, Goran Bregović, Luisa Moser-Moser, Urs Moser, Jonny Kollegger, Jos Kollegger, Christian Mehr, Gaudenz Moser, Umberto Moser, Patrick Moser, Klarissa Waser-Steiger, Karin Moser-Flückiger, Peter Just, Felix Frey, Daniel Dauwalder, Adrian Zehnder, Goodbye Johnnys, Peter Gehrig, Yannick Kollegger, Jessica Kollegger, Jaenette Kollegger, Jonnely Kollegger, Remo Moser, Reyn Ouwehand, Florian Giger, Älplerchörli Obervaz

Production manager
Sereina Gabathuler

Werner Schweizer

Support by
Federal Office for Culture
Zurich Film Foundation
Suissimage Cultural Fund
SRG SSR, Passage Antennes
Berne Film Fund – City and canton
Cultural Promotion Canton Graubünden / SWISSLOS
Ernst Göhner Foundation
UBS Cultural Foundation

Co-production with
Swiss radio and television

Film team:
  • Martina Rieder
  • Martina Rieder
  • Martina Rieder is director, editor, graphic designer and title animator. She studied video at the HGKZ in Lucerne. She received a study award from the Federal Office of Culture 2000 for her experimental short film YOU COULD CALL IT JETLAG as well as the 2nd prize category D, Special Prize Locarno, Swiss Youth Film and ...
  • Karoline Arn
  • Karoline Arn
  • Karoline Arn is a radio editor and filmmaker. She studied Swiss history, modern history and philosophy at the University of Bern and journalism at the Media Training Centre MAZ Lucerne. In addition to regular programmes for the consumer magazine “Espresso” on Swiss Radio DRS, she also produced background programmes “Doppelpunkt”. She also does portrait programmes ...

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