Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, unfortunately our beloved location, the Moviemento cinema in Berlin-Kreuzberg, must stay closed during the festival. This amazing cinema has been supporting AKE DIKHEA? from the beginning in 2017 – it’s time now to give something back and support the cinema in these hard times! So please visit their online shop and get a Kinokalypse voucher, a bit of “happy anticipation” while waiting for the re-opening or just a usual ticket voucher!

What does it mean for the festival?

This year’s edition is the first to be held exclusively online. The films can be accessed via our streaming platform. The Q&As, the opening and award ceremony as well as the panel discussion will be streamed live on our Facebook page and on youtube.

Also the online edition will follow the usual AKE-DIKHEA? festival logic, in which short and feature films form an artistically and content-wise coordinated programme and can be viewed at fixed times on the festival streaming platform set up especially for this purpose.  Tickets can be purchased either for the individual curated programme units/slots (4.- €) or as a festival pass (10.- €) for all films.  At the end of each slot, a Q&A will take place, which will be broadcast live online and can still be accessed afterwards. Slots are available online from their scheduled screening time until the end of the festival, i.e. Monday, November 23, 2020 to 23:59. Each slot purchased can be watched 24 hours after the start of streaming. The advance sale starts on Friday, November 13, 2020.